Wednesday, August 31, 2016


How many weeks: 32, It's official, first time I have been pregnant this long.

 how big is baby: Head of lettuce, 19 inches 3.9lbs

Weight gain: Enough. 

sleep: Pretty good, starting to get more and more uncomfortable.  Insomnia is back, thanking the heavens above for diclegius.

cravings: Fresh peaches (tis the season), ice cream, chocolate.

Feeling: Good.  Tired.  Hot.  But good. High is supposed to be 100 today.  Went for a walk with my neighbor this morning and was so exhausted after.  How pathetic right?

gender: Girl

best moment of the week: WE FINALLY DECIDED ON A NAME!!  Can you believe that?  I surprised Heath with a getaway to the Grand America this weekend for his birthday and he got me bracelets with all three of our children's initials.  I have been wearing all of them except baby girls.  I can't believe I will soon be the mom to 3 beautiful, perfect babies.  What a blessing.

-I had so much fun planning Heaths birthday and making his big 30 special, I made him his favorite meal/dessert, surprised him with a date card and stay in SLC, we went to the Grand America Brunch, watched "Top Gun" which was released the year he was born and had so much fun spending one on one time together.  It was the first time we have left Mason overnight.

-Heath got to be home all week, definitely a good moment for the week

-Mason is talking up a storm and started saying words like Candy and my favorite is Amen.  He can now climb up on his rocking horse all by himself.  He loves to read his new baby books and yesterday at Heaths parents loved playing with Heaths old cabbage patch doll.  He looked at the baby and said hi baby then gave him a kiss on the lips.  He is going to be the best big brother.

Worst moments of the week: 

-trying to stay positive with my weekly shots but they are starting to bug me.  Five more to go.

-started having a few contractions this week and sharp shooting pelvic pains.

Looking forward to:

- finishing the nursery


-Dr appt Friday- baby has been measuring a couple weeks ahead

-Getting headbands/bows

Random Thoughts:

-Getting anxious on how delivery day is going to go down.

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